Where Can You Find DPC?

The short answer? Everywhere.

Direct Care is truly sweeping the nation, with new practices opening their doors every month. Patients are seeking out an alternative to traditional healthcare. They’re looking for something more personal, more affordable, more transparent, and more convenient. Not surprisingly, physicians are seeking the exact same thing.

Curious if there’s already a Direct Care practice in your are? Here are two good ways to find out.


The map on IWantDirectCare.com is full! Full of patients who have proven the demand for DPC in their area. Full of practices who are actively meeting those needs. Full of insurance providers whose values align with those of Direct Care.

Practices can even sign up to create a clinic account, which essentially serves as a “home base” for gauging interest in their own area. This brings DPC down to a local level rather than a national one, which makes the whole concept more personal right from the start.

Visit IWantDirectCare.com to get your name on the map if it isn’t already!


DPC Frontier’s map works alongside the IWDC map we just talked about. It shows all practices that meet the standards of their “three part definition of DPC.” The map includes clinics operating within both hybrid and pure models, making sure potential DPC patients are aware of what’s available to them.

Visit DPCFrontier.com to get the big picture.