Do I Still Need Insurance?

The Direct Care insurance analogy.

Those involved with Direct Care use an analogy to explain how insurance and Direct Care work together. You have car insurance, right? But you don’t use that car insurance at the pump, or for oil changes, do you? Of course not, because that wouldn’t make sense. You pay the mechanic or gas station directly for those day to day things, and save the insurance for more emergency-type situations such as accidents, or major repairs. You wouldn’t dream of filing a claim each time your gas light comes on, so why would you file a claim for a flu shot?

Such is the case with health insurance.

The Direct Care business model supports patients maintaining a high deductible wrap around plan in case of emergencies such as hospitalizations or surgeries, or other life-threatening situations. But for routine cases like physicals, labs, or most other minor emergency situations, the Direct Care subscription fee covers nearly everything and can be handled in-house most of the time.

Does everyone benefit?

Many Direct Care clinics work directly with insurance companies who, in turn, work directly with patients to find the perfect wrap around plan for their family. When patients and companies are paying for what they need only when they need it, the savings are passed all the way around the table. Even insurance companies see the benefits of having more legitimate claims filed by those who are more prepared to handle emergency situations