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Phone: 80605133841

Available Position: Attending Physician

Position Description:

Direct Primary Care
Attending Physician (MD/DO) – Amarillo, TX

Job Type: Part-time or Full-time

Compensation determined by patient panel size up to $210,000 annually
Part-time equivalent: 200 patient panel
Full-time equivalent: 600 patient panel


Almost a third of physicians in the United States report feelings of burnout, and almost a third of working Americans currently have some kind of medical debt. This is not okay! We’ve been forced to submit our care plans to insurance companies, and they have dictated much of the medical care that is received. Enough is enough!

AmarilloMD exists to provide exceptional primary care at practical prices by valuing the patient-doctor relationship above the bottom line and merging virtual care with physical care. We treat our patients as a family instead of policy numbers. If you’re passionate about joining this movement, apply today!

We give our physicians time and resources to address the whole person. In addition to pharmaceuticals, we teach patients to use natural means such as physician-grade supplements, diet, and exercise to heal themselves. We adequately address the mental health of our patients as well as the physical, with referrals to trauma-informed counselors. We offer our patients wholesale labs and imaging, not restricted by insurance, so there is no limit to what we can explore when needed. We are able to give first-class care to our patients without touching their deductibles. Their insurance is what it should be, a backup plan for something rare and catastrophic.

We are looking for a physician who wants to build roots in Amarillo and have a medical career they are proud of. We place a high value on clinical experience, cultural fit, and passion for helping others.

What Winning Looks Like:
-Spending quality time with patients instead of rushing them out the door
-Responding to patients’ medical needs through our secure app in a timely manner
-Taking a whole body/integrative approach to patient care
-Adequately addressing the mental health of patients and referring to counselors when needed
-Implementation of both supplemental and pharmaceutical treatment plans
-Working with the team as an equal part of the patient experience

Characteristics and Skills Needed to Win:
-Diagnostic and physical exam skills to treat acute, episodic, or chronic illness for all ages
-High level of integrity and work ethic
-Strong standards for self-management and discipline
-Technologically literate and efficient dictation or typing skills
-Proficient with suturing, I & D, and performing pap smears
-Highly organized with attention to detail and follow-through
-Exceptional written and verbal communication
-High emotional intelligence and adaptability

Physician Requirements:
-Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy
-Valid Texas medical license
-5+ years of Family Medicine preferred

Your Amazing Schedule:
-Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM
-Physicians have flexible hours and the ability to work partly from home
-Average in-office visits, 4 to 8 per day
-Virtual care, as desired, up to 4 hours per day
-Freedom to see patients at their home
-After hours urgent requests as needed
-Average once per week
-Managed primarily virtually
-Additional compensation provided

About AmarilloMD, PLLC:
-We’re a debt-free company that was founded in 2016 by Deborah Moore, M.D.
-We have a small clinic team with big dreams
-We are a direct primary care practice that uses a monthly membership model, instead of charging fees or insurance for services.
-We are evidence-based when good studies exist. We honor the practice of medicine where protocols are flawed or nonexistent.
-We are naturally minded. We respect how people are created, and use more natural means to heal when it makes sense.

And by the way, we\‘re not stuffy or corporate around here. Here are some of the perks and benefits at AmarilloMD:
-A 401(k) match of 3% after one year as a team member (you can still contribute in the first year)
-Dental insurance and vision insurance
-Free primary health care and a $500 FSA match every year
-Generous paid time off, sick leave, and holidays
-Ability to work remotely
-Control over the amount and type of patients in your panel
-A free office iPhone with cellular data
-We prioritize work-life balance and rarely exceed a 40-hour workweek

It’s a calling, and we’re on a mission to change primary care. Join this movement! Contact us to apply today!

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