Choice Physicians Group is Looking to Hire!

For more information contact:


Phone: 913-909-9125

Available Position: Physician

Position Description:

In Overland Park, Kansas, in the heart of Johnson County is the home of Choice Physicians Group. We opened in January of 2015; this is a practice looking for happy physicians who want lifestyle, freedom, and creativity.

Two docs are currently in the practice. Choice Physicians was started by an old goat who trained as an emergency physician. The second doc is a pediatrician. We love our patients and our practice!

Our goal is to make every day of our practice fun for us and fabulous for our patients. This DPC stuff feels too good to be real. You have to experience to believe it.

Call us or come see us. Whether or not we are the right fit for you we will be happy to show you our practice, tell you about all of our mistakes, and be happy to help you any way we can!

- Mark Holcomb and Hibba Haider

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